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Day Trip to LA

Petersen Museum in LA

If you have kids, you know what a long stretch the two week winter break is for parents. At least for us, one week was over Christmas, so that tied up a lot of time.

Our older son has been wanting to visit The Petersen Automotive Museum for some time now. Since it is his birthday month, we decided to surprise him with a trip to LA to see the museum. Needless to say he was “over the moon“ excited.

We decided to take the Tesla for a road trip, since our youngest hates driving the “diesel” (Volvo), as he calls it.. lol. He is my eco conscious one. I will say, the autopilot is a nice feature. You can set the max speed and how many car lengths you would like between you and the car in front of you. It slows down even if some “challenged” driver decides to cut you off.

Two and a half hours later and we arrive at the Petersen Automotive Museum. My fourteen year old is in awe of a few super cars that are in the front entrance and is longing to see a Lamborghini. I had bought the tickets online so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line... no worry about that, there is no line during the week it seems.

Front entrance to the museum

We were told to start on the third floor and work our way down to the new Porsche Effect exhibit that is currently being shown at the Petersen Museum. The third floor revisits the history of the automobile and cars that we fell in love with at the movies. My boys were in awe of the Batmobile and the 1981 Delorean DMC-12 "Time Machine" from Back to the Future. I was in awe of the 1958 Plymouth Furynfrom "Christine". If you know my love of horror movies and all things Halloween, you will know why.

The second floor was more of the industry of the automobile with displays of how a car is made, an electric car exhibit that my youngest loved and then all three of the men in my life were lured into the Forza driving experience (video games, go

My youngest driving a Porsche in the rain and doing quite well!

We made it down to the first floor to feast our eyes on the main exhibit at the museum right now.... The Porshe Effect. If you are a Porsche fanatic, this exhibit is for you. The exhibit encompasses five particular sections, containing a combination of automobiles, artifacts, archival material, image footage, and visual reproductions. My Lamborghini lover was hoping for some Lamborghinis but to no avail, maybe next time. The museum changes up the exhibits every few months, so we will definitely be making our way up to Los Angeles again.

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